Amino Acid Balance


Amino Acid Balance

Many people suffer from deficiencies of amino acids.

Amino Acids build protein.  Protein makes up everything in your body such as blood, hair, skin, nails, brain chemicals, hormones, and organs.  Without proper amino acid balance you will be unhealthy in all these areas

Methylation is a buzz word in human nutrition and genetics.  Many people have had their genes checked for Snips (SNP’s) that can negatively affect the methylation cycle.  Your methylation cycle builds things in your body everything from your brain and muscle energy to building healthy cell membranes.

There is a particular gene called MTHFR that, if it is Snipped leads to a lowered amount of methylation which leads to everything from low energy to brain fog as well as leading to many of the 7 signs of nutrient deficiencies.

Many people are told to take Folate, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin B-6 or TMG if you have the MTHFR SNP.  These nutrients are all referred to as methyl donors.  They can help but not completely.

The B-Vitamins signal the body to get single carbons from the Amino Acid pool and if you don't have enough amino acids problems occur.  In other words, if you have SNP’s in MTHFR and you take these B-Vitamins then you need to supplement with Amino Acid Balance Liquid to make sure you have single carbon atoms to complete the methylation cycle.  When your methylation cycle is working properly–you feel great! 

You need these amino’s in this formula especially if you get a headache or feel bad after consuming these B’s.

You also need Amino Acid Balance Liquid-

If you suffer from signs of low blood sugar–

  1. feeling tired in the early afternoon 
  2. Waking at night for no apparent reason
  3. Craving Sweets
  4. Difficulty losing weight

Other Problems include poor hair, skin, and nails.

Low cholesterol- low cholesterol is a sign that cell membranes are weak and can lead to autoimmune diseases.

We run a state-of-the-art Urine test Called OAT-Organic Acid Test.  This test will tell you exactly which amino acids you need as well as crucial and important information about your overall health.

Please call the office for details (786) 577-9580

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