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A powerful combination of clinically proven formulas to help defeat Brain Fog, Fatty Liver, intestinal bloating and gas, Elevated Liver enzymes as well as high cholesterol. This Trio is also good for reducing or eliminating achy joint pain and headaches.

Testimonial: Brad J.
“I was a professional baseball player. Because of the constant heavy workouts and strenuous practice schedules, I was taking pain killers 3 times per day for many years.
After 4 months on this regimen, my headaches have reduced to once per week, I used to get daily headaches. Now, the dizziness is only on occasion. Moving towards total recovery and defeating my health issues with Drs. Chadwick.”

Bile Flow: Take 2 tablets with each meal 3 times per day (6 per day)

Liver Detox Support: 2 Capsules with breakfast and 2 Capsules with Dinner (4 per day)
Inflammation Arrest: 3 Capsules 3 times per day (9 Capsules per day

Take all 3 products together for a minimum for 4 months.

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