Gut Intestinal Balance


Gut Intestinal Balance

This is one of my favorite products.  Gut Intestinal Balance has many functions when it comes to intestinal health:

  1.  Acts like an acid sponge–to pull out excess acid–without any side effects of reducing your nutrient absorption, such as those found in acid blocking substances.
  2. Helps repair the epithelial cells–the cells of the small and large intestine walls.  
  3. Helps good bacteria to thrive in your intestines
  4. Helps your immune system 
  5. Reduces inflammation throughout the stomach and intestines

Gut Intestinal Balance helps to defeat IBS, gastritis, colitis and other conditions of your intestinal tract.

When there is inflammation in your intestines the above problems occur.  

When there is inflammation in your intestines–you have reduced ability of nutrient absorption–both from your foods and your supplements.

The 2 major causes of all chronic health conditions are lack of nutrients and toxicity.  All Chronic health conditions start with a poor functioning or malfunctioning digestive system– and you may not even feel it happening.

Gut Intestinal Balance helps repair the walls of your intestines to help you to absorb your nutrients better and to reduce toxins from getting into your bloodstream- commonly known as leaky gut or intestinal permeability.

Many patient have reported feeling better while using Gut Intestinal Balance Powder.  Less gas and bloating. Less pain, better bowel movements–help with constipation and diarreah, having more energy and feeling less fatigued.

Directions:  Use Gut Intestinal Balance 1 teaspoon in 4 to 6 oz water before breakfast lunch and dinner reducing dose after 4 months to once per day until digestive system is balanced.

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