Hormone Rejuvenation


Hormone Rejuvenation

Once you've  used our Hormone Disruptor Detox, you need to use the Hormone Rejuvenation.  Hormone Rejuvenation allows your hormones to communicate correctly with the cells of your body.  You can have normal hormones in your blood, but if they are not able to communicate with your cells, you will show signs of hormone deficiency or if you have fake hormones from chemicals as we mentioned before, these can over-stimulate your cells and lead to many symptoms mentioned above under Hormone Disruptor Detox.

Another very important factor when it comes to hormone health is the shape of the hormone.  Remember each hormone has a unique structure and shape–like the car analogy above–a Mercedes-Benz is different from a Honda.  

Hormone Rejuvenation is designed to help shape your hormones correctly so they can have maximum function and also helps the receptors, the parking spaces to have the correct shape and in the proper space in your body.

Use Hormone Rejuvenation along with Hormone Disruptor Detox for a  minimum of 4 months The normal dose for Hormone Rejuvenation is 2 capsules 2 times per day.  If you weigh more than 150 lbs take Hormone Rejuvenation 4 caps 2 times per day.

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