Iodine Support


Iodine Support

Iodine is the most important mineral for your thyroid, breast tissue and prostate (in men)

Iodine is said to keep a “healthy architecture” for the glands mentioned here, meaning that the healthy shape and size of these glands is dependent upon enough iodine.  That means that when your thyroid or prostate is enlarged or you have breast lumps–that most likely means you have an iodine deficiency.

When it comes to iodine, the key question is how much is enough iodine?  Dr Guy Abrams and Dr. David Brownstein, the world's leading thyroid research doctors say that the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA)  for iodine is way too low. I agree with their findings.

 IF you suffer from goiter, hypothyroid or hyperthyroid, you have a deficiency of iodine.

Iodine is crucial for wound healing.  Iodine helps kill bacterial and other types of infections.

One of the best ways to correct iodine deficiency is with YNP Iodine Support.

Iodine Support can be used along with any of our other thyroid products.  

Some people who take Iodine Support report that there TSH in there thyroid blood test increases.  This is a normal occurrence.  According to Dr. Brownstein, your body uses the TSH to make more parking spaces on your thyroid gland so it can absorb the extra iodine that it desperately needs.  

If you suffer from swellings or breast lumps or enlarged prostate the correct dose of Iodine Support is 1 or 2 tablets twice per day for a minimum of 4 months.

If  you just want to make sure you  are getting enough iodine and to reduce your risk of getting the above mentioned symptoms then ½ tablet to 1 tablet per day is recommended.

If  you really want to be sure on how much iodine your body needs that ask Your Nutrition Physicians about our comprehensive Blood Testing to give you more accurate recommendations.

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