Thyroid Support Bundle

$143.00 $178.00
Do you suffer from excessive hair loss, feeling cold, weight gain, dry skin, prostate problems (men), infertility, fibroids, or breast lumps in women or thyroid nodules?

Many people walk around with a sluggish thyroid and they don’t even know it!
Most blood tests now only check TSH–not your thyroid hormones.
The good news is that Boost Your Thyroid Collection will help support your thyroid no matter what your TSH levels are–your overall symptoms are the true indicator of your thyroid health.

Thyroid Support: 1 pill per day if normal body weight.
2 pills per day if 10-15 lbs overweight.
3 pills per day of 15 lbs or more overweight.

Thyroid Balance: 2 tablets with breakfast and 2 tablets with dinner (4 tablets total per day)

Iodine Support: 1 Tablet per day for maintenance.
2 tablets per day if thyroid nodules or breast lumps.
2 tablets 2 times per day if more severe thyroid or breast tissue disorders.

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