Vitamin D Restore


Vitamin D Restore

Vitamin D is so important for so many functions in your body:

  • Helps keep your bones strong by helping you absorb  your calcium and phosphorus from your intestines into your blood stream.
  • Reduce cancer cell growth
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Helps increase muscle strength by preserving muscle fibers which will reduce your risk of falling if you have stronger muscles.
  • Heart disease reduction–vitamin D helps muscle strength–the heart a very important muscle that is helped by Vitamin D
  • Diabetes-  The people with more Vitamin D in their blood have less diabetes than people with lower vitamin D in their blood.
  • Helps your immune system and reduces your risk of autoimmune diseases such as multiple Sclerosis and cold and flu’s
  • Reduces your risk of cognitive decline–things like Dementia, alzheimer disease and Parkinson
  • Helps with depression and anxiety because your brain chemicals need vitamin D to complete the signals from your brain chemicals such as serotonin and GABA. 

Vitamin D Restore is emulsified–that means it is broken down into very small particles that are much better absorbed that regular Vitamin D

Directions:  Take 1 to 5 drops daily.  For every 1 drop you can increase your blood levels of Vitamin D by 5mg/dl

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